The types of products that we can roll form at North Star are virtually limitless. Whether the materials are furnished by you or supplied by us, we complete the job to your exact specifications. This includes everything from the common and simple to the highly complex, in open or closed shapes.

Some of the popular products that we manufacture include:

  • Agricultural products – grape stakes, tree stakes, etc.
  • Automotive
  • Construction products
  • Custom profiles
  • Garage door trim
  • Material handling
  • Partitions
  • Roll-up/garage door components
  • RV exterior trim, interior moldings and structural
  • Screen frame products
  • Solar products
  • Stainless steel tracks
  • Store fixtures
  • Towel bars and shower rods
  • Truck body parts
  • Vinyl window and door stiffeners

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to contact us.