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North Star Company roll forms to your specifications for all types of metals, from steel and stainless, to aluminum, copper, brass, pre-finished and more, in thicknesses from .005” to .1046″. With over 40 roll-forming lines, we can handle projects of all sizes. In addition to our extensive equipment and large on-hand inventory for faster job turnaround, a knowledgeable staff responds quickly to all of your needs.

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North Star Company offers roll-forming solutions for almost every industry. Here are some of the customers we serve.


North Star manufactures galvanized metal grape stakes and tree stakes that outperform other products for stability and durability. The roll-forming process ensures a highly dependable stake, favored by clients in U.S. wine and agricultural regions.


The high strength, close tolerances and dimensional accuracy of our products is ideally suited for the automobile restoration industry. We supply trims, channels, reinforcement components and other structural pieces.


The  construction industry looks to North Star for roll-formed products such as roofing, door frames, stiffeners, solar fixtures and more. OEMs nationwide rely upon our expertise, from in-house tooling and development, through production.

Furniture & Fixtures

Our roll-forming process is popular for items varying from shelving and office partitions, to brackets, refrigeration cases and store fixtures. We are committed to finding solutions that are true to the furniture’s form and function.


As the recreation industry evolves and expands, North Star has proven to be a reliable partner in providing one-stop roll-forming expertise for all types of recreational equipment and applications. Our custom tooling and extensive finishing capabilities enable manufacturers to offer many exciting choices to consumers.

Windows & Doors

North Star is a major player in the window & door industries, providing roll forming for frames, tracks, rails, edging, angles and channels, in a choice of different metals. Clients include both residential and commercial builders, as well as security and garage door manufacturers.